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Parker Construction Group

Brand Development

Chris Parker wanted a look that earned his team and company respect.  His designs are bold and sophisticated, his homes are stunning. Why should his workforce look anything less?  A classic and clean line approach is visibly seen in the interiors and exteriors, yet they have youthful accents that make them personable and charming. He truly takes pride in the work that he and his company design and produce.

Building the brand to share these qualities was the task that lay ahead of the design team. As in most studies, building a hierarchy would be essential. Implementation from the corporate identity, company vehicles to uniforms would be addressed.

A bold red was used as the signature color for the key members of Chris’ team. Stepping out of the red pickup trucks, wearing red polos were the lead builders and managers. This made key players easily recognizable to both support staff, contractors and clients alike.

*These designs represent work done while at Morvil Advertising + Design. Participation includes logo pre-press and production, lead designer on corporate identity, vehicle and apparel design. Communication with print vendor and project manager during final production of aforementioned items.