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Hello? Series Graphics

Art Direction, Photography,
Design & Branding

Do you pray? Why? What expectations do you have of prayer? We place unrealistic pressure on ourselves to pray perfectly. If it’s not done right, does it count or did it just bounce off the ceiling?

These were questions we tackle during this series. The goal was to help knock down stigmas about prayer. We wanted to show prayer as an interaction with someone who knows everything that needs to be known. It’s an extension and expression of our walk with God. A quite place to rejoice and share burdens with someone that will walk through it with us.

Hello? Series Intro from PC3 Media on Vimeo.

Man: Terry Kuhn

Written & Directed by: Parrish Stikeleather
Story by: Joey Connolley & Parrish Stikeleather
Cinematography by: Joey Connolley
Boom: PJ Terranova
Grips: Audra Blake & Cole Stikeleather
Gaffer: Ryne Seals
Editing: Joey Connolley & Parrish Stikeleather
Color Correction: Joey Connolley
Title/Graphics: Doc Reed

Hidding Place by Holley Maher

Huge thanks to:
Terry O’Deen (sunsetgrip.com)
Carie Beth and Mitchell Henderson