• FuturAlbum_ArcadeFire
  • FuturAlbum_BetaRadio
  • FuturAlbum_Cash
  • FuturAlbum_Cash2
  • FuturAlbum_Devotchka
  • FuturAlbum_HoldSteady
  • FuturAlbum_Low
  • FuturAlbum_MinusTheBearJ
  • FuturAlbum_Misfits
  • FuturAlbum_PJ
  • FuturAlbum_Pomplamoose
  • FuturAlbum_WWPJ


Exercises in Creativity


Futuralbum a is small collaborative design project curated by Troy DeShano. The purpose of this project was to reimagine album artwork. The only guidelines were using images found on the Flickr Internet Book Archive and the font Futura. Over 40 designers answered the call to participate.

At the heart of this project, Troy was issuing the challenge to enjoy creating with constraints. Taking that to heart, I placed an additional restriction on my pieces. My typical color palettes tend to reside in the blue realm. This was as an opportunity to step out and explore other palettes.

My original list included 34 bands. The images above are the ones completed. Nothing was created with the mindset of designing a better cover but simply creative release and designing for fun.

Obviously some of these were done with minimal time and exploration, simply a lunch break exercise. However, as a design exercise I wanted to show a range of time and development.

As David Sizemore stated:

“The pieces contributed to the Futuralbum project are also free from client-input, but knowingly so. These cover redesigns aren’t positioned as superior solutions, but as liberating, healthy exercises in respect and appreciation. I hope they are perceived and can be interpreted in that way.”

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